Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container

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Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container

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Capacity: 5000 Gallons
Size: 140"D x 93"H
Weight: 800 lbs.
Ships From: Austin, TX

Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container - The Poly-Mart Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container is manufactured with the highest quality rotational molded, FDA-Approved, NSF-61 Approved, Food-Grade, BPA-Free, High Density Polyethylene and is designed for above ground use. This polyethylene Water Storage Container is 5200 U.S. Gallons in total capacity and is 140”D x 93”H. The Poly-Mart Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container comes with built-in UV stabilizers in the resin to avoid color fading and break down from UV Rays. If storing water outdoors, select our Black or Dark Green color to block algae growth from occurring inside your Container. These two Container colors block all UV Rays from penetrating the plastic since the material has been through a process called "compounding". If you would like a color other than Dark Green or Black, but still want your Water Storage Container to block all the sunlight, check out our SunShield Water Storage Containers!

The Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container is largely used in applications in which a pump is being installed but can absolutely be used in stationary gravity fed water storage applications. Whether you are installing a Well Water Storage System, Irrigation System, reverse osmosis system or any another application needing a holding tank to pump from, this Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container comes equipped with a 1.5" NPT threaded Inlet Fitting at the top of the Container and a 2.0" NPT threaded Heavy Duty Outlet Fitting & Plug at the base of the Container. This Short 5000 Gallon Water Container also comes with an 16″ Vented Lid, (4) Dome Layout Flats and (8) Layout Flats at the base of the Water Container. Like all of our Water Storage Containers, these flat spaces allow you to customize your Water Storage Container to your applications' needs by enabling you to install fittings where you need them most. The Poly-Mart Short 5000 Water Storage Container can also be ordered to your specification. Additional Install Fee's and Additional Fitting Fee's will apply. If you would like additional fitting installed, please print, mark-up, scan & email to us the technical drawing prior to ordering.

Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container | Dark Green | Water Container Store

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Short 5000 Gallon Water Container by Poly-Mart Features:

  • Poly-Mart 5-Year Warranty
  • 5250 Gallons of Total Capacity
  • 140”D x 93”H
  • 800 lbs.
  • 16” Man Way Lid w/ Air Vent
  • 1.5” Top Inlet Bulkhead Fitting
  • 2.0” Bottom Heavy-Duty Bulkhead Fitting
  • (1) Main Dome Flat measuring 12" High x 25" wide 
  • (3) Dome Flats measuring 12" High x 15" Wide
  • (4) Tie Down Lugs
  • (8) Layout Flats measuring 15" High x 15" Wide


Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container Technical Drawing


Short 5000 Gallon Water Storage Container | Color Chart | Water Container Store

Do you have your own 16' Trailer with short side walls? You can haul your own Short 5000 Gallon Container home and pick up from Austin, TX or Madera, CA! You just have to strap it appropriately! Call us for details!

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