250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container

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250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container

250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container | Poly-Mart Logo 

250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container - Most Plastic Water Storage Containers are Black or Dark Green as those colors are naturally dark colors and preform better in blocking UV Rays, which keeps algae from growing inside your water storage container. With the SunShield® technology by Poly-Mart, get any one of our 11 container colors while still keeping the inside of your container algae free!

Whether you are storing water indoors or outdoors, this container has a patented interior 250 Gallon SunShield Water Storage Container | Water Container Storeblack layer of FDA-Approved, Food-Grade, BPA-Free polyethylene so that the inside of your container is pitch dark! Testing from Texas A&M University proves these containers measure Zero UV light intensity when placed in the full sun, regardless of container color. Finally, you can get a container color that matches your home or surroundings without having to worry about algae growth! Testing also proves that our Arctic White color w/ SunShield® will keep your stored water up to 14 degree’s cooler in comparison to other standard colored dark green plastic containers on the market! Since it's scientifically proven that the color White reflects light, our Arctic White color will help in controlling container water evaporation as these water storage containers have been proven to keep the internal water temperature up to 14 degree's cooler during the hottest times of the day!

Featuring an industry leading 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, these rainwater containers are the Cadillac of rainwater harvesting containers and are built to last several decades in the full sun!  If you command Top of the Line quality in the products you buy, seriously...here's your container! 

The 250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container comes assembled ready to collect your homes Rainwater. Unlike standard water tanks in the market, these turn-key 250 Gallon Rainwater Storage Containers come with a 12" Stainless Steel Mesh Tank Screen for an inlet into your Rainwater Container. There is also a 3" Stainless Steel Mesh Screened Overflow Assembly installed on the tank. A fundamental rule in Rainwater Harvesting is that rainwater needs to be able to exit your Container just as fast as rainwater can enter the container. The Overflow Assembly does that and allows you to plumb the overflow with Schedule 40 PVC Pipe and send the overflown rainwater where you want it. These Containers also come with a raised 3/4" Bulkhead Fitting and a 3/4" Brass Water Hose Spigot for easy access to your stored rainwater. Like all of our Containers, the 250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container has (4) 8″ x 7″ Dome Flats and (4) 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ Layout Flats at the base of the Container. In Rainwater harvesting Applications, these flats allow you to customize your Container by enabling you to install fittings where you need them most by giving you a flat surface to install a flanged fitting on. They also allow you easily chain tanks together and grow your Rainwater system over time. Most tanks on the market have a complete domed top which doesn't give you this ability. The Poly-Mart 250 Rainwater Container can also be ordered to your specification. Additional install fee's and additional Fitting fee's will apply. If you would like additional fitting installed, please print, mark-up, scan & email to us prior to ordering.

***Our site will not calculate accurate freight rates on 250 gallon tanks for quantities of 4 or more. Please call 877-333-TANK (8265) or email info@watercontainerstore.com for a Freight Quote. If you prefer to finish your order without freight, a representative will contact you the next business day with a freight quote. Your card will only be pre-authorized NOT charged. If you want to pick up your tank(s) at Poly-Mart, select Free Shipping at checkout. We'll beat any written freight quote on a Poly-Mart Tank!

 250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container | Water Container Store

250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container by Poly-Mart Features:


  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty
  • 250 Gallons of Capacity
  • 36”D x 67”H
  • 62 lbs.
  • 12” Stainless Steel Strainer Basket (optional Tank Screen Cover)
  • 3/4" Brass Spigot Included
  • 3.0” Overflow Assembly w/ Stainless Screen
  • 3/4" Bulkhead for Spigot Install
  • 3/4” Bottom Bulkhead w/ Plug
  • 4 Dome Flats & 4 Bottom Flats

250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container | Light Brown | Water Container Store


250 Gallon SunShield Rain Harvesting Tank Install - Dark Brown 


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SunShield Color Chart | 250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container       

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250 Gallon SunShield Rainwater Storage Container | WaterContainerStore Logo