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250 Gallon Horizontal Container

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250 Gallon Horizontal Container

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250 Gallon Horizontal Container - Poly-Mart manufactures a 250 Gallon Horizontal Container in Austin, TX made from Food-Grade, BPA-Free, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  In the Farm & Ag, Oil & Gas, Industrial Chemical and Petrochemical industries, Polyethylene Horizontal Leg Tanks are primarily used for Chemical Storage, or Liquid Transport.

Whether you are transporting Water, Liquid Feed, Liquid Pesticide, Soap or any other compatible liquid, or just using for stationary water or chemical storage, we have a Horizontal Container for you! Our 250 Gallon Horizontal Container is manufactured in a specific gravity of 1.5. Specific Gravity is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water. For example, a 1.5 specific gravity means you can transport or store a compatible liquid that weighs 1.5 times the weight of water (up to 12.5 lbs. per gallon). Our 145 Gallon Heavy Weight Horizontal Container is rated for a 1.9 Specific Gravity liquid (or 15.75 lbs per gallon). 

Our 250 Gallon Horizontal Containers come standard in translucent white color for ease in level viewing but are available in all of our standard colors. Our Horizontal Leg Containers come standard with vented slosh proof lid but can also be order with a non-vented lid. Our 250 Gallon Horizontal Containers are assembled standard with a 16″ Standard Lid but can also be assembled with a 12" Standard Tank Lid or a 7" Screw Cap Lid upon specification. 12" Lids & 7" Lids can also be non-vented upon specification. 250 Gallon Horizontal Leg Containers have molded-in gallon markers and one 2" Outlet Bulkhead Fitting & one Outlet Plug. Stainless Steel Support Straps are available and sold separately. Are you looking to transport a liquid other than water? 

CLICK HERE to view our Chemical Resistance Chart to see if a polyethylene tank is compatible!

 **Do not over tighten the Stainless Steel Bands on Plastic Horizontal Leg Tanks***

***Our site will not calculate accurate freight rates on 250 gallon tanks in quantities of 4 or larger. Please call 877-333-TANK (8265) or email info@watercontainerstore.com for a Freight Quote. If you prefer to finish your order without freight, a representative will contact you the next business day with a freight quote. Your card will only be pre-authorized NOT charged. If you want to pick up your tank(s) at Poly-Mart, select Free Shipping at checkout. We'll beat any written freight quote on a Poly-Mart Tank!

250 Gallon Horizontal Container | Natural | Water Container Store

250 Gallon Horizontal Container by Poly-Mart Features:

  • Poly-Mart 5 Year Warranty
  • 250 Gallons of Total Capacity
  • 49”L x 40"W x 42”H
  • 73 lbs. (1.5 Specific Gravity)
  • 16” Standard Container Lid w/ Air Vent
  • 2.0” Bottom Outlet Bulkhead
  • 4 Layout Flats at the Bottom


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