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200 Gallon First Flush Container

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200 Gallon First Flush Container

200 Gallon First Flush Container - The Poly-Mart 200 Gallon First Flush Container is used in large scale rainwater harvesting systems typically being used for at home drinking water or large irrigation systems. The 200 Gallon First Flush Container is the most efficient and economical way to divert the first 200 gallons of rainwater away from your primary Rainwater Collection Tanks, essentially washing your roof. Today, large Rain Harvesting First Flush Systems are generally made out of 12″ PVC pipe, which is expensive. 35 feet of 12″ PVC pipe holds roughly 200 gallons of water and is not only expensive but can by unattractive to look at if not buried (more costs). Poly-Mart First Flush Containers are the most economical option for washing your homes rooftop of pollutants prior to filling your Rainwater Harvesting Tanks. The First Flush of rainwater collected in your First Flush Container is great to use for watering your plants and trees. That’s why we’ve equipped these tanks with a 3/4″ fitting, a brass water hose spigot and a 1.5" Outlet Fitting at the base of the Container. This assembly allows you to better manage all of your Rainwater! These Containers are molded in our Heavy-Duty Weight as they can come under some pressure in a large rain event. Available in 13 colors! First Flush Containers can also be ordered in 100, 125, 150, 250 & 500 gallon sizes! Our Light Grey color looks great up against large Metal Tanks!


200 Gallon First Flush Container | First Flush Tank | Water Container Store

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200 Gallon First Flush Container by Poly-Mart Features:

  • Poly-Mart 5 Year Warranty
  • 36″ Diameter x 56" Height
  • 4″ Schedule 40 PVC Inlet
  • Heavy Weight 65 lbs.
  • 200 Gallons of Capacity
  • 1.5″ NPT Spin Weld Fitting w/ 1.5" Plug for Draining
  • Raised 3/4″ Spin Weld fitting for Included Brass Water Hose Spigot
  • 1.5″ Bulkhead at top of Tank for PVC Pipe Extension Vent
  • Also Available in 500, 250, 150, 125, 100 Gallon Sizes

200 Gallon First Flush Container | First Flush Tanks | Water Container Store

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There are 3 main reasons for having a Poly-Mart 200 Gallon First Flush Container:

1.) If you are building a large scale Rain Harvesting System with a 10,000+ Square Foot collection Area
2.) There is a lot of tree coverage hanging over your collection area creating abnormal amounts of debris
3.) If you plan on building a system to bring rainwater indoors for consumption


200 Gallon First Flush Container | First Flush Tanks | Water Container StoreIf you think about the time that goes by in between rain storms, roofs can get dirty from dust blowing in the wind, pollen from plants, leafs, sticks, acorns, shingle pebbles, bird & squirrel droppings, etc. Poly-Mart Rain Harvesting First Flush Tanks are installed to wash your roof top by collecting the first bit of dirty water coming off of your roof into your First Flush Tank. If calculations are done properly, by the time your 200 Gallon First Flush Tank has been filled, the water coming off of your roof will be very clean and ready to divert into your Rainwater Storage Tanks! With proper plumbing, the rainwater will bypass the 200 Gallon First Flush Tank and flow into your primary storage tank(s).


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200 Gallon First Flush Container | First Flush Tanks | Color Chart | Water Container Store

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