125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container

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125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container

125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container – Poly-Mart manufactures a premium weight 125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container that is rated to store a compatible liquid to High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) up to 12.5 lbs. per gallon (1.5 Specific Gravity). For storage of more dense liquids, see our Heavy Weight version that is rated to store liquid weighing up to 15.75 lbs. per gallon.

Our 125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container is commonly used for Bulk Liquid Fertilizer Storage, Liquid Feed Storage, Farm & Agriculture Chemicals Storage, Liquid Pesticide Storage, Industrial Chemical Storage, Bio-diesel, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), Reverse Osmosis Systems, Brine Storage, Soap Storage, Waste Vegetable Oil Storage, Non-Potable Water Storage, Indoor Potable Water Storage and the bulk storing of any other compatible liquids to High Density polyethylene (HDPE).  Our 125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container is manufactured in a translucent white color for ease in level viewing and are also equipped with gallon markers.  The Poly-Mart 125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container comes with a vented 8″ lid, inlet bulk head fitting, outlet bulkhead fitting and an outlet plug. Plastic Storage Containers come standard in a natural white color for ease in liquid level viewing but are available to be custom ordered in any of our 13 colors. Are you storing a liquid and you are not sure if it’s compatible with polyethylene? Or maybe you’d like to check compatibility of our standard bulkhead fittings & gasket materials (Polypropylene & EPDM)?

View our Chemical Resistance Chart as a reference but always consult your chemical supplier if you are unsure of your chemical or liquids’s compatibility to polyethylene, polypropylene or EPDM.

The Poly-Mart 125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container is designed with 4 dome flats on the top of the tank and 4 layout flats at the base of the Container. These 8 flats are large enough to fit up to a 2″ Bulkhead Fitting and give you optimal ability to customize the fitting placement on your container! Non-Vented Lids, Siphon Tubes and larger Bulkhead Fittings are available upon request from your distributor.

***Our site will not calculate accurate freight rates on 125 gallon tanks for quantities of 4 or more. Please call 877-333-TANK (8265) or email info@watercontainerstore.com for a Freight Quote. If you prefer to finish your order without freight, a representative will contact you the next business day with a freight quote. Your card will only be pre-authorized NOT charged. If you want to pick up your tank(s) at Poly-Mart, select Free Shipping at checkout. We'll beat any written freight quote on a Poly-Mart Tank!

125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container by Poly-Mart Features:

  • Poly-Mart 5 Year Warranty
  • 135 Gallons of Total Capacity
  • Made with NSF-61 approved HDPE
  • 30”D x 50”H
  • 48 lbs. (1.5 SG) & 50 lbs. (1.9 SG)
  • 8” Lid w/ Air Vent
  • 1.0” Top Bulkhead
  • 1.5” Bottom Bulkhead
  • (4) 6 1/2″ x 8″ Top Dome Flats
  • (4) 8″ x 7″ Bottom Flats
  • Made in Austin, TX

125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container | Water Container Store

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Download Poly-Mart Chemical Resistance Chart


125 Gallon Plastic Storage Container | Color Chart | Water Container Store

Product Number:

PM125PW (1.5 Specific Gravity) or PM125HW (1.9 Specific Gravity)

These Tanks are also known as:

125 Gallon Plastic Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Plastic Storage Tanks, 125 Gallon Poly Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Poly Storage Tanks, 125 Gallon Polyethylene Storage Tanks, 125 Gallon Chemical Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Liquid Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Liquid Feed Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Farm & Ag Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Waste Cooking Oil Storage, 125 Gallon Liquid Pesticide Storage Tank, 125 Gallon R.O. Storage Tank, 100 Gallon R.O. Tanks, 125 Gallon Chemical Tank, 125 Gallon DEF Storage Tanks, 125 Gallon Waste Vegetable Oil Tank, 125 Gallon Non-Potable Water Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Potable Water Storage Tank,  125 Gallon Waste Water Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Pesticide Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Chemical Mixing Tank, 125 Gallon Farm Chemical Tank, 125 Gallon Storage Tanks Austin, 125 Gallon Vertical Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Bulk Storage Tank, 125 Gallon Vertical Bulk Storage Tank