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1.5" Poly Hose Barb

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1.5" Poly Hose Barb

1.5" Poly Hose Barb | Banjo Logo | Water Container Store

1.5" Poly Hose Barb - Polypropylene 1.5" Hose Barbs are NPT Threaded and can thread right into a Tank Bulkhead Fitting. The barb portion of the 1.5" Hose Barb is secured to the inside diameter of a like sized hose and is usually secured with a stainless steel hose clamp. Resistant to many chemicals and also Drinking Water Safe. 


1.5" Poly Hose Barb | Polypropylene | Water Container Store

1.5" Poly Hose Barb Features:

  • Glass Reinforced Polypropylene.
  • Heavy Duty (Schedule 80).
  • Lightweight with Excellent Strength.
  • NPT threads.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.
  • Pressure to 150 P.S.I. at 70°F.


1.5" Poly Hose Barb Technical Drawing


***Please apply thread tape to the threaded end of the 1.5" Poly Hose Barb. Apply thread tape against the grain of the threads***

These Fitting are also known as: 1.5" Poly Hose Barb, 1.5" Polypro Hose Barb, 1.5" Plastic Hose Barb, 1.5" Black Hose Barb, 1.5" Black Poly Hose Barb, 1.5" Banjo Hose Barb, 1.5" Poly Straight Hose Barb