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1.5" Bulkhead Fitting

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1.5" Bulkhead Fitting

1.5" Bulkhead Fitting - The Poly-Mart 1.5" Bulkhead Fitting is made from polypropylene and is double threaded with an EPDM Gasket. We also stock water container fittings in 3/4", 1", 2", 3" & 4" sizes. These water tank fittings are great for replacement purposes or for adding additional fittings to your current water tank. Polypropylene Bulkhead Fittings come with an EPDM Gasket that stays inside the container in between the back of the fitting and the inside container wall, while the plastic washer stays in between the container wall and the nut. The 1.5" Bulkhead Fitting requires a 3" hole to be drilled into the container.


1.5" Bulkhead Fitting | Poly Tank Fitting | Water Container Store

1.5" Bulkhead Fitting Features:

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Polypropylene (UV Protected)
  • EPDM Gasket w/ FKM (Viton Type) Gasket Available
  • NPT Threads all the way through the fitting
  • Thread from the inside of the tank also


Need a lot of Bulkhead Fittings for a big project? Contact us for information on bulk quantity pricing! 877-333-8265 or info@watercontainerstore.com.


1.5" Bulkhead Fitting Technical Drawing


***Apply thread tape when making a threaded connection into a Bulkhead Fitting. Apply thread tape against the grain of the threads on your pipe fitting***


These Fitting are also known as:  1.5" Bulkhead, 1 1/2" Bulkhead Fitting, 1.5" Poly Tank Fitting, 1.5" Plastic Bulkhead Fitting, 1.5" Poly Bulkhead Fitting, 1.5" Poly Bulkhead