SunShield Water Storage Containers

SunShield Water Storage Container | Water Container StoreSunShield Water Storage Containers - Most Plastic Water Containers are Black or Dark Green as those colors are naturally dark colors and preform better in blocking UV Rays. However, that doesn't mean every Dark Green or Black tank blocks all the sun. Actually the opposite is true. Most poly tanks don't block the UV Rays which makes algae grow on the inside your Water Storage Container. With the SunShield® technology, get any one of our 11 container colors while still keeping your container algae free! Whether you are storing water indoors or outdoors, this container has a patented interior black layer of FDA-Approved, NSF-61 Approved, Food-Grade, BPA-Free polyethylene so that the inside of your container is pitch dark! Testing proves these containers measure Zero UV light intensity when placed in the full sun, regardless of container color. Get a container color that matches your home or surroundings without having to worry about algae growth! Testing also proves that our Arctic White color w/ SunShield® will keep your stored water up to 14 degree’s cooler in comparison to other standard colored dark green plastic containers on the market! Since it's scientifically proven that the color White reflects light, our Arctic White color will help in controlling container water evaporation as these containers have been proven to keep the internal water temperature up to 14 degree's cooler during the hottest times of the day. Featuring an industry leading 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, these containers are built to last!  If you command Top of the Line quality in the products you buy,'s your container! 

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