Rain Barrels

The Poly-Mart  RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel is a high quality Rain Barrel combining great functionality with a beautiful design. The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel is a designer Rain Barrel that was originally sand casted from a real oak barrel, so the wood grain detail on this barrel makes it one of a kind! The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel is rotationally molded and manufactured to last! The closed top one-piece construction requires minimal set up and is easy to transport! The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel features a Dual Inlet Screen for keeping out debris and has Dual-Access Ports so you can draw the collected rainwater from 2 different places on the rain barrel. The RainSaver 54 Gallon Rain Barrel also comes included with a Brass Hose Bib and a Plug. The RainSaver also has a well designed overflow and is easily link-able for future expansion of your Rainwater Collection System!