200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray

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200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray

200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray - Limit your liability and conserve the environment by using a Poly-Mart Spill Containment Tray in your chemical storage application. Federal Government, State and Local agencies are enforcing rules and regulations regarding spills, leaks and overflows from storage tanks in the Industrial and Oil & Gas Industries. Spills and leaks can be hazardous to the environment and costly to your organization. With those concerns in mind, we have designed this Spill Containment Tray to fit our 145 Gallon Horizontal Containers and our 100, 125 and 150 Gallon Plastic Storage Containers. We also manufacture a 300 Gallon Spill Containment for our 250 Gallon Horizontal Storage Container and our 200 and 250 Gallon Plastic Storage Containers.

200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray | Spill Containment Basin | Secondary Containment Tank | Water Container Store

Our 200 Gallon Spill Containment Basin is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and also has built-in UV inhibitors to avoid color fading and break down from harsh sunlight. Spill Containment Trays are designed to be an Eco-Friendly way of storing chemicals. The primary Chemical Storage Tanks are positioned inside the Containment Tank for added protection in case of a leak or a spill in the Storage Tank. In case of a chemical spill, the 200 gallon capacity on this unit allows for all the chemical in the Storage Tank to empty in it's entirety and still have room to take on accumulated rainfall in case of a rain event during the spill.

These Spill Containment Trays stack nicely on a pallet for effective shipping on bulk orders.  Each nested Spill Containment Tank adds 5" to the shipping height of the order. Our molded-in recessed stacking blocks keeps nested Spill Containment Tanks from getting stuck inside one another when unpacking your shipment.

200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray | Secondary Containment Tank | Spill Containment Basin | Water Container Store

***Our site will not calculate accurate freight rates on 200 gallon containment trays in quantities of 2 or larger. Please call 877-333-TANK (8265) or email info@watercontainerstore.com for a Freight Quote. If you prefer to finish your order without freight, a representative will contact you the next business day with a freight quote. Your card will only be pre-authorized NOT charged. If you want to pick up your tank(s) at Poly-Mart, select Will Call at checkout. We'll beat any written freight quote on a Poly-Mart Tank!

200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray by Poly-Mart Features:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 46 lbs.
  • 200 Gallons of Capacity
  • Available in 13 colors*** (on even number qty's)
  • 61″L x 53.25″W x 18.25″H (Top Outside Dimensions)
  • 53.5" L x 46.5" W (Bottom Outside Dimensions)
  • (4) 4″ x 4″ Recessed Flats for a Flush Fitting Install
  • (10) 3″W x 17″H Ribs for added rigidity
  • Tapered design for nesting multiple Containment Trays for optimal shipping (Call for Bulk Order Pricing)
  • Also available in a 300 Gallon Size


 200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray | Black | Water Container Store


Poly-Mart 200 Gallon Spill Containment Tank Drawing


200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray | Water Container Store     

***Our Spill Containment Trays are molded in one-piece, then cut in half to make 2 Trays. Therefore if you would like a color other than Black, please order an even number quantity of Trays***


200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray Part Number:



These tanks are also known as: Spill Containment Tank, Spill Containment Basin, Spill Containment Tray, Secondary Spill Containment, Secondary Spill Containment Basin, Secondary Spill Containment Tray, 200 Gallon Spill Containment Tank, 200 Gallon Spill Containment Basin, 200 Gallon Spill Containment Tray, 200 Gallon Secondary Spill Containment, 200 Gallon Secondary Spill Containment Basin, 200 Gallon Secondary Spill Containment Tray