Heavy Weight SunShield Emergency Water Storage Containers

Heavy Weight SunShield Emergency Water Storage Containers | Water Container StoreWith the SunShield® technology, the color of your plastic container is no longer a cause for concern due to algae growth. Before SunShield Tanks were available, lighter colored plastic tanks were like unicorns. They didn't exist because sunlight passes right through the sidewalls of the light colors and in-turn grows algae inside the container. Now you can get the color that matches your home, matches your environment or your wife's aesthetic desires!  Not only will these tanks store algae-free of drinking water, they carry an industry leading 10 year warranty and the Arctic White color will keep your stored water up to 14 degrees cooler in temperature! Whether you are storing water indoors or outdoors,SunShield® Emergency Water Storage Tanks are molded with an interior black layer of compounded black polyethylene so they are pitch dark on the inside. Select from 13 tank colors and free comfortable that these tanks are built to stand the test of time and are manufactured with FDA-Approved, NSF-61 Approved, Food Grade, BPA-Free Polyethylene, in our Heavy Weight. Rated to store a liquid nearly twice the weight of water. Popular in seismic areas where overhead stored items could be a concern for crashing down on the dome of your Container. If you command Top of the line quality in the products you buy, this is THE most advanced water storage container on the market today. Delivered turn-key to your door with all the hardware needed to store an Emergency Water Supply at home for your family! 

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