First Flush Diverter Kits

First Flush Diverter Kit | Rainwater Diverter Kit | Water Container StoreFirst Flush Diverter Kits - First Flush Diverter Kits provide everything you need (except PVC Pipe) to customize your own First Flush Diverter to meet the needs of your Rainwater Harvesting System. First Flush Diverters take the first bit of rainwater that comes off your roof and diverts it into a flush chamber, essentially washing your roof before starting to fill your rainwater tank. If you think about the time that passes in between rain storms, dirt, dust, pollen, leaves, sticks, acorns, shingle pebbles and other debris gather on your roof. Leaf Eaters filter the bigger debris. First Flush Diverters handle the dirt, dust and pollen. Easy to follow and very informative instructions help guide you in building the First Flush Diverter that's right for you!

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